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School Programs

Martial arts are not equal.  Black Belts are not equal.  The advanced martial art of Kenjute offers a complete curriculum.  The goal is to produce well-rounded students who can "do it all".  Intelligent, comprehensive, and effective, Kenjute is second to none.  For more about the Kenjute system go to:



The Kenjute Regular Program provides teens and adults with the most well rounded martial arts education available today while at the same time achieving a high level of personal fitness. At Kenjute, we specialize in street self-defence, defensive tactics, and weapons training. 


Comprehensive information, effective techniques, and intelligently presented belt programs allows students to achieve maximum results. All students are advanced through formal belt examinations.  There is nothing out there like it! 


The Kenjute Little Tigers Program (7-12 years) is meant to be fun in a formal structured environment.  Street safety and anti-bullying instruction is also an integral part of the training.  


Positive peer interaction, concentration, self-discipline, self-esteem, improved fitness level, and enhanced performance capabilities are added benefits from being a Kenjute Little Tiger.


The Kenjute (London Dojo), "Little Tigers" Program has historically been run by Mr. McMaster and Mr. Williamson; as well as a number of other Black Belt Instructors and Brown Belt Assistant Instructors ensuring a small teacher - student ratio. 

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By the time a Kenjute student reaches 1st Degree Black Belt, they will have gained substantial experience in fundamentals, control self-defences, maiming self-defences, weapons use, stand-up fighting, ground fighting, forms and much more.  The Kenjute Advanced Black Belt Program (Ten Degrees of BlackBelt) is a continuation of this training offering additional knowledge and higher skills at every level.  This includes learning extra weapons, advanced forms and sparring, and very lethal cutting-edge self-defence skills.


More than just acquiring additional technical knowledge, minimum years of active training between degrees of Black Belt are also mandatory. This ensures that Black Belt students have time to mature and perfect techniques as they progress towards becoming an “Expert” and maybe even someday, a “Master” of Kenjute. Well above martial arts industry standards, earning a Black Belt in Kenjute is tough, but for those who achieve it, they can count themselves among the best! 

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